Fancy Earrings with Blue Chalcedony, Smokey Quartz, and Rainbow Moonstone

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About Musings:
For years Ginger has enjoyed working in a series method - creating a collection of pieces around a specific narrative. But, sometimes ideas come that are brand new and may not readily belong in one of her existing collections. These pieces go into her Musings Collection of pieces. Random but inspired. And, maybe not actually random at all.

Product info:
These earrings are made of sterling silver with rich patina, with soldered jump rings connecting each section. There are sterling posts behind the top sections, and the movement of the sections creates continual interest and presence. 

Dangling sections of smooth blue chalcedony, faceted rose cut smokey quartz and smooth drops of rainbow moonstone comprise these slightly long fancy earrings, with completely handmade sections and settings. The stones are diverse and yummy creating a rich combination of blues and browns.  

One of a kind. OOAK, never to be repeated exactly in this way.

Approximate length: 2.5 inches

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