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Earth Patterns Necklace with Lysite Agate


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Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.  ~ C.S. Lewis

Collection info:
The Earth Patterns line features handmade pendants and neckpieces as venues for one of a kind gemstones, which are hand cut and polished to highlight the natural inherent features of each stone. Pieces also feature hand pierced backs and/or hollowform constructions. Each piece is titled and signed. 

Product info:
This piece is a one of a kind necklace featuring a hand cut and polished slice of lysite agate from Wyoming. The natural gemstone, with its array of layers and colors, is held within a custom made sterling silver frame. The setting is chased, and the backplate features a pierced earth pattern design referencing the natural configurations in the gemstone. The chain is forged link by link, after being milled from recycled sterling silver stock. The piece is oxidized to accentuate details in the metalwork. 

Chain: 30"
Pendant: 2.5" w X 3.25" h