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My favorite thing about jewelry worn on the hand is that it's always visible to you, whenever you need it.
Large hollowform scoop ring featuring heirloom gold coin.

Heirloom gold coin in sterling hollowform setting.

Triple stack of gemstone rings, shanks cut as guiding principle word shapes.

For Bonnie - Triple stack of sterling word shank rings with rose cut gemstones.

For mom - London Topaz and Diamonds in 18k palladium white gold

Bubbles - heirloom diamonds, 14k gold, sterling silver

Remembering - heirloom gold, rose cut sapphire, diamond

Regal wedding set - 18k rose gold, 18k palladium white gold, diamonds, alexandrite, emerald

Wed - 18k palladium white gold, 18k yellow gold, wedding diamond

Wedding set - 14k palladium white gold, wedding diamonds

Legacy - 14k palladium white gold, 14k yellow gold, 18k heirloom band, heirloom diamonds

Sapphire Bride - 18k palladium white gold, diamonds, sapphire

Chased - 14k palladium white gold

For Anna - 14k heirloom gold, sterling silver, heirloom diamonds

BJ 50th - pearl, diamonds, 18k white gold

Leigh Anne & Dare - 14k palladium white gold, london blue topaz

Two grandmothers - white gold, yellow gold, diamonds, emerald; all heirloom components

Lake wedding for Deb and Jean - 18k palladium white gold, 18k rose gold, aquamarine

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