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Family Locket (customized)


Number of Panels
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Product info:
This custom family locket is handmade in sterling silver with birthstones and completely bespoke elements unique to the family throughout. The locket centerpiece includes multiple panels connected by a pivot hinge mechanism. The locket is suspended from a 30" handmade kinetic chain.

When you purchase this piece, we will be in touch to discuss the customizations for you.

Select the number of panels, and the motif for each panel. 

  • Front Panel: stylized family monogram and up to two stones (perhaps parents' birthstones)
  • Interior Panels: one per person, with the motif unique to each person, and one birthstone
  • Back Panel: hand-scribed message or quote

This design allows for future expansion, as more babies (children or grandchildren) arrive. 

Please allow 4-5 weeks for your custom locket to be created.